Best Wedding Planner in Al Farwaniyah, Kuwait

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The wedding planner office in Kuwait offers too many services suc as wedding halls, lighting, carpets, cushions, tables, chairs, photography and videography.

Services of wedding planning

  1. preparing the wedding hall
  2. DJ
  3. videography
  4. photography
  5. chairs and tables (all furniture)
  6. curtains
  7. design and implementation of wedding decorations
  8. bride cushion

served areas in Kuwait by our office

We offer all of our services everywhere in Al Farwaniyah in Kuwait. Al Farwaniyah is also known as Farwaniya governorate. Contact us now.

advantages of our wedding party planning services

We are always on time, have so long experience in planning and executing wedding parties. We have all services you need to have a great party.

We are honored to plan hundreds of parties and ceremonies. We will be happy to plan and manage your happy party.